We have many customers that have an existing chimney outside but it is not wide enough for a chop out. In other words its not wide enough to fit a stove in. So the FCB kit is fitted with the new Twinwall starting from the top of the Stove Box, then angled through into the chimney by an adaptor to liner.

The new liner is brought down the existing chimney and connected to the twinwall. It is important to make clear at this  point the liner  must not be exposed within the new FCB. A cowl is then strapped to the chimney pot and liner to complete this installation.

This project was taken during an installation near Manchester where the customer wanted us to centralise the new FCB when the exterior breast was offset.  The hearth is textured granite, Dik Guerts stove with plain interior in a SB1/adjustable Stove Box. Plasterboard and skim finish to the FCB.

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