A quick and easy system when a false chimney is required

Why use the Stove Box?

We have introduced a NEW taller SB1 Stove Box, which is adjustable in depth.

The new size is 37” wide (915mm) x 48” high (1220mm) & has a depth of 15” to 18” (382-457mm). The new box has been introduced so a wood beam can be used to meet regulations because the beam is further away from the stove and also there was a demand for a higher fire opening.

The box can be chopped into and existing chimney breast or can be supplied with our SBX700 chimney breast kit.  It has a larger hole in the top where various sliding adaptors can be bolted for ease of installation as with our other stove boxes. This can be supplied with led lights if required.

The new Stove Box is the SB1/adjustable large and is patent pending.

With the law soon changing, it makes even more sense to use a Stove Box when installing a stove

There has been a lot of talk about the new The Clean Air Act introduced last year by Michael Gove, resulting in existing and potential customers wondering if stoves are going to be banned. To clarify, stoves will NOT be banned although stoves, fuels and the installation will need to be much more energy efficient.

From 2022 all new eco-stoves sold must be more efficient and cleaner burning to meet the new criterior. This means that when installing all new stoves, which will be 80% efficient by 2022, more focus must be on installation to ensure minimum heat loss. Current installation techniques leak large amounts of heat above the sealing plate and through the brickwork. In most cases sealing plates are only 1.5mm thick steel so very little heat is retained. Using The Stove Box eliminates all these problems, pushing heat back into the room, keeping hotter for longer, making your stove even more effective. It will also ensure your stove installation is compliant. It comes in various sizes and is included with the False Chimney Breast System.

When a stove is chopped into an existing chimney breast, (this could be on an outside wall, not in a warm laboratory) using a register plate system, heat from the stove will escape into the atmosphere, not in the room. Most installers chop out an opening, buy a blank plate, cut out a neat hole for the stove pipe to fit through, seal with silicon which creates a hot spot in the breast above the plate. The Stove Box has a larger hole in the top to allow a separate adjustable collar, which has a heat gasket protecting, reducing heat transfer, creating a quicker, and safer installation. The collar is then bolted into position with sealing rope around the stove pipe, stabilising the stove and pipe. We also have a registered design on our register plates which are also adjustable for when a Stove Box is NOT used on other types of installations.

Heat transfer also can be a problem when a false chimney breast is built. It creates a chamber to fit a stove in, in a no chimney situation, creating all sorts of heat problems. When we carried out another heat loss test, a thermocouple was placed above the register plate (approx 75mm) showing 56°C and the stove pipe was 200°C.  Using The Stove Box in this situation confines the heat in the chamber, projecting more heat forward into the room not in the breast.

A recent example of why you should use The Stove Box installation, was a client who had recently built a false chimney breast using blockwork and plaster. After 10 days the plaster had cracked due to heat loss through the blockwork and breast. This would not have happened if they had used The Stove Box, as explained previously, it confines the heat.

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